Artem Timoshenko


Marketing Management (MBA Core)

The course introduces students to the essentials of marketing: how firms and consumers behave and what strategies and tactics marketers can use to successfully operate in today’s dynamic environment. The first part of the course focuses on the marketing strategy, including the market attractiveness analysis, competitive strategy, and strategic collaborations. The second part of the course is about how to put strategy into action. We discuss product development, pricing, distribution, advertising, and branding decisions.

Topics in Quantitative Marketing (Ph.D.)

A doctoral course that explores new research areas. Students read, present, and discuss recent publications and working papers, aiming to enhance their skills in evaluating a paper’s contribution, extend their knowledge of models and methods, and inspire new research ideas. Faculty members focus on different research areas, depending on their current interests and expertise. I offered a module on targeting and personalization in 2020 and one on new product development in 2021.